Gourmet Mushrooms

We are based in Kirtland, OH where our FDA certified facility grows a variety of delicious mushrooms. Our homegrown mushrooms are sourced to restaurants around Northeast Ohio where they are used to make gourmet dishes.

Mushroom Selection

 King Blue oyster image
King Blue Oyster

Customer favorite. It has an earthy yet meaty taste. Fleshy and fragrant. A large cap mushroom. In colder temperature, its blue intensifies.

Available: 15 lbs. $12/lb.
Pink Oyster image
Pink Oyster

When uncooked, it has a pleasant seafood-smell. When cooked, it tastes like bacon and looses its smell. Summer loving species.

Available: 0 lbs. $12/lb.
Yellow Oyster image
Yellow Oyster

Very flavorful and has a citrusy fragrance. It's a delicate summer loving species.

Available: 0 lbs. $12/lb.
Phoenix oyster image
Phoenix Oyster

A meaty mushroom that often yield large caps. Often used in restaurants for mushroom patties because of their size.

Available: 0 lbs. $12/lb.
Elm Oyster image
Elm Oyster

A very meaty and fast growing mushroom that tends to yield smaller caps. Mildest smelling mushroom of the oyster family.

Available: 20 lbs. $12/lb.
Lion's Mane image
Lion's Mane

Texture of crab meat and used for imitation crab cakes. Linked to neurogenerative properties.

Available: 5 lbs. $12/lb.

Product Selection

Mushroom kits image
Mushroom Growing Kits

Yields 2 to 4 lbs. of mushrooms throughout the kit's lifetime. Best if kept inside and out of direct sunlight.

Available: 5 kits $25/kit.
Mushroom powder image
Mushroom Powder

The powder is created by dehydrating mushrooms and dried. It can be used in stews, soups, and gravy as an umami flavor enhancer.

Available: 20 packs $9/pack ($15 for 2).

Mushroom Growing Kit Instructions

  1. Place your kit in a well-it area, but not in direct sunlight. You can leave the kit in the dark overnight.
  2. The ideal temperature for oysters is 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, your kit will produce mushrooms between 55-74 degrees.
  3. The kit will start producing mushrooms 10-14 days from the package date (located on the bag).
  4. Mushrooms will start to pin all around the bag, and the bag will become increasingly whiter.
  5. You will also notice snow-like substrate on the top.
  6. If you have an Oyster kit, cut a triangle in the side of the bag, about 2 inches wide, removing the cut plastic. If you have a Lion's Mane kit, cut a 3 inch diagonal lines across the side of the bag (start at the top right and cut diagonally to the bottom left). The middle cut is longer in length, while the top and bottom cuts are shorter. See pictures below.
  7. Oyster cut image
    Lion's Mane cut image
  8. Start misting twice a day when mushrooms start pinning (water only). Oysters should grow within 3 to 7 days. Lions Mane grows a little slower. Give it a week or more to grow.
  9. When fully developed, pick all the mushrooms at once.
  10. Give the kit 5-7 days of rest; you do not have to mist during this period. You can leave the kit in the same spot.
  11. After the resting period, mushrooms should start to grow again because the mushrooms continue to eat the nutrients inside the bag. Each subsequent yeild will be smaller than the last.
  12. Continue to mist the openings 2 times per day when mushroom pins start to show.
  13. Discard the kit after the 2nd or 3rd yield. The kit is safe to use in a compost pile.
  14. If the kit develops green spots anywhere on the block, it is contaminated. To be safe, take the kit outside in a shady, cool place. You can watch the mushrooms grow there.